Friday, April 9, 2010

'Raychel Coudriet' Tiger Woods' 17th Alleged Mistress - - Woods Followed His Motto "Love Your Neighbours"

Tiger Woods Neighbours Daughter – Raychel Coudriet – 17th Alleged Woods Mistress. With the Masters in full swing, the Tiger Woods scandal continues. Raychel Coudriet is the daughter of Tiger Woods’ neighbors. Allegedly, he had an affair with her making her the 17th woman to step forward.

Too bad she missed the Howard Stern beauty pageant.

The alleged mistress claims that she and Tiger had a one-night stand when she was 21 (she’s now 22), and that she feels “used and violated” because she meant “nothing more” to the golfer than a casual fling.

Tiger did, however, try to hook up again sending suggestive text messages to her phone. Coudriet claims she ignored them and that their alleged affair lasted no more than one night.

Most of the alleged mistresses so far have been cocktail waitresses or even adult entertainers. This is the first college student and the first girl so close to Tiger’s home to come forward and admit an affair.

The tabloids report that Woods and Coudriet shared some adult beverages, he came on to her and then they had a one night stand in his office. Of course, Tiger hasn’t commented on the stories.

The reports also note that Tiger has known the Coudriets since Raychel was 14 years old!

Of course, it’s surprising that all of a sudden this young woman comes forward during the opening of the Masters.

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